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Celebrities with chocolate topping

Celebrities with chocolate topping

Some of our famous celebrities under chocolite topping

Charlize Theron

Some of our famous celebrities under chocolite topping

Jim Caviezel

Some of our famous celebrities under chocolite topping

Kate Moss

Some of our famous celebrities under chocolite topping

Brad Pitt

Some of our famous celebrities under chocolite topping

Kate Winslet

Some of our famous celebrities under chocolite topping

Johnny Depp

Some of our famous celebrities under chocolite topping

Christina Aguilera

Some of our famous celebrities under chocolite topping

George Clooney

Some of our famous celebrities under chocolite topping

Elvis Presley

Some of our famous celebrities under chocolite topping

Demi Moore

Some of our famous celebrities under chocolite topping

Britney Spears

Some of our famous celebrities under chocolite topping

Ben Affleck

Some of our famous celebrities under chocolite topping

Nicole Kidman

Some of our famous celebrities under chocolite topping

Tom Cruise

Some of our famous celebrities under chocolite topping

Penélope Cruz

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  • Casey

    Wow! These are so insulting! Let’s see, we’re going to make these celebs look “African-American” by making their noses and lips bigger and painting their skin some kind of sick orange/brown like colour. Yeah. Bad photoshop jobs by people who never saw a black person in their lives.

  • oddplaces

    All the nose and lips are immensely huge and they all look grotesque, kinda like the tran sexual version of the real thing. Kinda scary actually, good attempt though…I guess



  • lynguistiks

    omg so badly shopped

  • Vraiment

    Nul !!!!

  • zuh

    there was a website or program that, when you applied a filter, could make your photo look fat, thin, like a baby, manly if you were female, feminine if you were male, black, etc. i wonder if that's where these were made.

  • Andre

    Wow Jennifer anistion, madonna look pretty scary. New to shopping? sure looks like it. agree with Casey.
    lets make black people look like whities next

  • funguerilla

    That would be the only fair thing to do :)
    That will be Fun Guerilla's next task, enjoy these photo modifications in the mean time

  • bluepluto

    Brad Pit looks like Benicio Del Toro after his makeover!

  • funguerilla

    First of all, Casey,Andre, sorry about getting feeling that we tried to insult anyone. Our mission is to produce fun and only fun, we have installed ''insulting out'' filter so anything we made within it's band-pass will be automatically removed. That stands in our privacy police. If not, trust me, it'll be there for some further projects.

    It's just like zuh said. We let them trough ''Face of the future'' filter which is made by the University of St. Andrews, face perception lab. We just wanted to see what we are going to get for exchange. You have a link to them on the bottom of our post, so, go on, make your own ''chocolate Casey and chocolate Andre''.

    You can also look at them like a bunch of celebrities that stuck in a solarium a little longer than they should. Solarium is one of the biggest threat to global warming and this is our way to fight it back.

  • funguerrilla

    Yes, you're right my friend. And that site is listed on bottom of page between sources.

  • funguerrilla

    My friend, just read the reply I've made on Casey's comment. All the best!

  • SomeGuy

    These freaking suck, get more Photoshop lessons.

  • Joe

    Not all black people have big lips and wide noses. You made these celebrities look more like gorillas than anything else.

    P.s. These photo shop skills are weak!

  • Charlotte

    these really are not very well made…. Some of te women look like transvestites…. I think there must be othet people who can do a better job (ps I know how much work gets into making these, but please, put in some more work and they might look realistic.)

  • funguerrilla

    Thanks for comment Charlotte. First I wanna say that I agree with you. These aren't very well made. But, the only thing I've done wrong is not putting on beginning that these aren't photoshoped. Read the reply I've made on Casey's comment and you'll see what I'm talking about.

    P.S. What makes me very sad is the fact that no one found appropriate to comment my story about blood donating, or any other post I've made, but here, here everyone wanna give a comment, to say how I'm a bad photoshoper, how this is insulting and much more…

  • funguerrilla

    My dear friends and guests. Before you made any comment please take a time to read this one.

    1. I've not made these photos by using photoshop so please leave those comments about bad photoshoping.
    2. Try not to insult us, if you're going to complain to someone go to the St. Andrews lab site who made this face changing filter we used.
    3. I don't have anything against black people, I don't have anything against anyone.

    Best for all.

  • NexusP

    Maybe because this is appalling. Angelina Jolie already lips and features similar to black women.. This is part of her famous unique attractiveness. Now she has alien lips. fail.

  • funguerrilla

    My apologies to you too, my friend.
    My suggestion to you and anyone else: Go to St. Andrews Lab web page, just google ''Face Of The Future'' and you'll find them.
    Find out which techniques they used and say to them anything you have. Maybe your comments may help them to make those face changing filters much better so that one day we all together enjoy in their work.
    Hope you'll enjoy in our other posts.

  • SoSoSo

    Ha ha ha… These photos made me laugh! Elvis is hilarious!!! Some of the celebs actually look great evan if their skin color is changed!!! Lady Gaga, Angelina, Megan, and Nicole Kidman looks evan better!!! Yeah, and Madonna looks like a tran anyway so, this modification just made it more obvious! I want to try this filter!!!

  • Griffin Boyce

    Plenty of black women ALREADY look like Adriana Lima, Kate Moss and Angelina Jolie. And I think really that all of the changes (giant teeth?!?) were pretty insulting, not to mention made most look terrible.

    Your photoshop skills are extremely weak.

  • funguerrilla

    You've mentioned that plenty of black women look like Adriana, Kate or Angelina. I say that plenty of them look even better than these three. After all, why do we have to look like anyone else, can't we just be what we are,to be unique on our way?

    And about photoshop, yes you're right my skills are almost non existing. I'm so week in photoshop that I haven't even try to photoshop them. What I can't find out is, how did you realised that I'm a week photoshoper if there isn't anything I've made out there on the web?

    Anyway, thanks for your comment, next time try not to repeat things others have already said, try to make something no one have done before you, maybe you'll find out how special you can be.

    All the best for you.

  • Tie

    This stupid. Most of them look like white people with bad tans. Not all of us have big lips or noses. Some of them you left the noses alone. Also you seemed to make there face wider. Our faces come in all shapes and sizes. I think whoever did need to look at more black people and stop going off stereotypes.

  • peter

    THIS.. is FAR the worse f…ing manipulation of images i saw in my entire life. half of it by using some free software from internet but… even the topic is questionable and the whole thing leaves a f…ing bitter taste. SO POOR that i actually reacted on this and i NEVER do that. maybe because i'm a retoucher. if i'd be an afro-american retoucher, i would find you

  • DoucheKiller

    Jesus, a*s, the guy has said about twenty times that he didn't shop them.
    He put them through a generator.
    F*ck off.

  • funguerrilla

    My friend, if you think that people who want insult someone live on any corner, than you are a stereotype. Why don't any of you don't read comments I made on what other say here. If you have done that, how can you still have a feeling that the only thing I'm doing here is insulting others.
    Nice staying on our web site.

  • funguerrilla

    Why did you have to be an afro-american retoucher to find me? Aren't saying something like that just doing what all others are putting on my back, insulting them? Wouldn't it be fair that any retoucher try to find me and make some modifications on my ''afro-american hater'' face?

    You don't even have to find me, I'm here and I'll send you gladly some of my pictures, do with them whatever you want, send them back to me and I'll publish them.
    Maybe I could send my picture to all of you and then make story, something like ''How do others see me''. Trust me, I'm ready to do that if enough of you retouchers wanna play because I want to have as much pictures as possible.

    Nice day to you too, my dear retoucher.

  • kemnator

    there are 2 sides of this.
    1. its for the fun
    2. i think there is a insult for black people bacuse of this and possibly even to white people as well
    so we must all remember to look at this pics with side 1 in mind not side 2

  • Brit

    im sorry but most of these do not look that good. i kind felt like they offended us.

  • Joey

    Wow, talk about garbage photoshop skills!

  • rachel

    three words- bad photo shop

  • Cate

    I think the most rac**t thing here is calling them “celebrities with chocolate topping” – because African-Americans are just white people rolled in cocoa, right?

    Not to mention, these all look ridiculous – did you even look at them before you posted them? Just because you took a few minutes to put these through some website that filtered them all to be buck-toothed and orange, doesn't mean you needed to post them, for all to see.

  • kate

    Johnny is the same :D i love him ^^

  • funguerrilla

    Who doesn't?! Once Johnny, always Johnny! :)

  • bekahwekah

    Wow, so apparently all of you think that the only difference between white skin and black skin is 1) bigger noses, 2) wider faces, and 3) bigger lips. Oh, no, that's not stereotypical at all….

  • Jenny

    None of the african american versions of these people actually look like african american people.
    They actually look like a race that doesn’t exist. I’m not saying this to insult the person who altered these photo’s, but you should be a little more observant next time.
    Black people don’t look like this.

  • Amber

    Wow thats the worst photoshopping I have ever seen, dude get a new hobby.

  • sunni

    You guys got it wrong – Charlize Theron IS African American. She is supposed to look exactly how she looks.

  • funguerrilla

    Finally! Someone who said something else that ''these are bad photoshopped''. Half of them still think photoshop is supposed to be written like ''photo shop''. Nether Adriana is such a whitey.
    First, when I was thinking what to do, I had an idea about writing entrance text about them stuck in a solarium and now I feel bad about changing that story because after that, everything started wrong so I'll probably put it back.
    Thanks for noticing real mistake.
    Hope you'll enjoy in my other posts.

  • funguerrilla

    Don't worry, you're not insulting me. I'm trying to find just only good in people so even if you've wrote something that would really insult me, I would probably try to look at that from other side and try to find some other, better way to get the point.

    Belive it or not, I know how black people actually look like. How could you imagine good basketball or football team without few black players?We have also a salsa section, few jazz bands and they are all great…
    Once again, thanks for comment and hope you'll enjoy my other pages.

  • Hoyt

    this might be offensive to some people….especially christina aguliera

  • Stanleigh_man

    How many black people do you know with blue eyes? ;-)

  • nope

    Clearly the people who made the software you used are at fault here, but I also think that between the title of this page and the fact that you posted all these junk pictures gives people the right to chew you out a little.

  • Cchild609

    I am a black american and I am lighter than J-lo, both my parents are black and i agree with Casey, not all black people have big noses and big lips @ times I wish my lips were a lil fuller, I find this offensive and degrading. Seeing this shows me that times have not changed. Who ever thought of this and posted it……kick rocks and clap spoons as my grandson would say!

  • Very funny

    Lady gaga looks better as Afro-American.

  • Ella Mot

    well…i see an improovement at cruise :D

  • Monica

    they all look like lil kim lol

  • Misterfernandez

    Are you trying to prove a point here? All of the images are ugly Shrek looking monsters. Lets see your photo. These are very offensive.

  • Vekkah

    A few points to the author of this article:

    1-90% of posted comments on the internet will be made when there is something negative to say, so please, keep that in mind.
    2-It's true that you have no control over the software that was used to manipulate these photos; however, you did have control over the title and the decision to post photos that have obviously been received as a slight against an entire race.
    3-You're trying too hard to defend yourself against all the negative remarks here. The best course of action would be to apologize, ignore all comments after the apology, learn from the mistake, and move on.

    I promise; this comment will be the best constructive advice you'll receive.
    –Best wishes.

  • wizatwork

    Ok, so let's try the reverse, take some black actors/actresses and make them white. One thing to note, each and everyone of us is uniquely designed by Universal forces; therefore, perfection even if your mind can't conceive of perfection in its proper context.

  • Nunegro

    Funny thing is Angelina Jolie looks more like she used to before she got a nose job. Poorly done.

  • AimeeRenae

    WTF is up with this lame attempt to blackface celebs?! All you've achieved here is making them all look like big nosed, big lipped, burnt orange men! Why widen the faces and create masculine jaw bones?! What's up with the bucked teeth? I'm half black and I assure you I look nothing like this and I can guarantee you I'm not 'chocolate covered'! This may have been created for humor but I don't take stereotyping a particular race of people as humorous? What if I took pictures and gave them large hooked noses and beady eyes and called them Jewish? What would come to mind? Racist damn Nazi is what would come to mine! What if I gave everyone protruding, rotten teeth and called them British or colored everyone this ridiculous orange, put a turban on their head and called them terrorists?! This is highly offensive to me and in no way is it appropriate or funny!

  • Nela

    i jsut used the Face Transformer from St Andrews Uni and makes everyone ugly! i want to kick St Andrews in teh nuts

  • Lady Who Lunches

    This is so sad and so awful. If you want anyone coming back to this website, I suggest taking this down.

  • Mon from Oz

    OMG! You Americans are SO freaking uptight!!! Get a grip! This is a bit of fun & not to be taken oh so seriously! I found it rather amusing & not offensive. You all need a stiff drink. LIGHTEN UP for f**k's sake.

  • Gabe

    Why are EVERYONE'S mouth so big? Seriously? This is insulting and poorly done. Plus 'Afro-American'? Wtf?

  • Known Stranger

    Cameron Diaz would look better this way

  • Devon

    Wow… This is really REALLY poorly done.

  • Sinertax

    Ok so I read what others have written,that program you used didn't blend the face as well on most of the women and you did a good job trying to match up the face points. I think the guys turned out great Dip, I mean Depp looks like the guy on the cover of Joe's Garage record. Loved that image growing up reminds me of dad playing records. Overall Great idea bad exacution is all. is a better program and fun. And I thought most of the woman looked like serena williams lol. She's still hot and with a strong body! Now thats some chocolate topping I want to taste.

  • Tori

    They all look like monkeys…. or a drag queen with terrible makeup. Execpt for Kristen stewart who looks way better like this. She doesnt look like shes disgusted and in pain.

  • Tori

    Ummm.. Celebrities with chocolate topping was in no way being racist.. The author said he likes chocolate… And celebrities mix em together… I'm sorry you took that as racist. Maye you should go put yourself in a padded cell where no one can huwt your poow feewings.

  • R.Simmonds


    The word you're looking for is weak.

  • Talisa C

    I understand that this was just for fun, but really, once you saw what came out of the St. Andrews end you should have bagged the project. It really is horrible to throw a big nose on someone and call them black. Oh, and to give them messed up teeth and burnt orange skin is just a little too much.

  • Krazy4em..

    Horrible. All of the pics look like people from the Planet Apes. Is this some sort of subtle way to say African Americans look like monkeys with full lips and Wide noses with masculine jaw lines? Are you recreating the “blackface ministrels”? How about the opposite, take Jada Pinkette Smith or the Williams sisters and make their lips thin and their noses small and call it Vanilla Icing… see how many people you offend. The was a thin line you crossed (as in hair strand thin) trying to make a joke. The pictures are terrible, the title is offensive, and the whole celeb thing cover-up is a no go. Try Again!!!

  • Teresitao7

    some are really scary omg.

  • Ramay

    Worst photoshop ever but strange enough Angelina(…) seems to be more succeeded than the other ?!
    HMMM it's suppossed to be funny?!…

  • LLS

    I'm not so uptight that I couldn't find this article entertaining, but the finished product is extremely insulting and offensive. I'm biracial and have the complexion of a light hispanic with full lips and a slim nose. Not all blacks have huge noses and (1/2 the width of their faces) and lips that look like they've been filled with too much collagen. Why does “black” JLo have a huge butt in her chin? All of their complexions are spotty, like they did a horrible job with a self tanner. If this wasn't photoshop and you used a different type of software, the blame still lies on you because you obviously approved of the photos before posting this article.

    Now go ahead and bring on your defensive reply. (I probably won't read it because I don't intend to visit this site again).

  • Meade

    This is not a bit of fun.The reason you found it amusing is because you are not the one being stereotyped,or made to look like a fool.There is nothing amusing about these photos.The ass hole that posted them knew exactley what he was doing and what kind of responses he was going to get.None of these photos has made the celibrity appear to be African American,but they did make a mockery of being Black,by using all the stereotypical exagerated features that racists typically use when describing Blacks.Regardless of how they defend what was done to the photos,or the reasons they decided to use them after seeing what they looked like,I am still offended,and not amused by racist bulls**t like this site.There is nothing amusing about this site at all.

  • Lulusui

    im sure it was just something for this person to do, I bet they were not trying to offend anyone. :)

  • Prettypink_shopper

    This article is offensive! Being an African American woman, I feel that these photos are unrealistic and unfunny in the most way. Not ever black woman has big lips and big noses and a thick chin. Obviously this was written by someone of a Caucasian race. You should be ashamed of urself!

  • Chanti Rufina Louison

    EPIC FAIL i'm biracial and i guarantee nor i my sisters or my mother look anything like that, not all people of color have features as such its just a stereotype and i find it highly insulting. Plus your p/s skill were elementary school level

  • goodman

    Going by these comments, I have to ask, are black people with big lips and wide noses supposed to feel bad about themselves? Because, ya know, that is about 98% of black people. The only Africans who don't have those features are northern Africans, Egyptions… Judging by these comments, some people have real issues with their own appearance. The photoshop work here was done in seconds, obviously (a black Brad Pitt has straight blond hair!? Really!?). Why not kvetch about that, instead of screaming about how horrible it is to point out that black people have certain features? Are those features so horrifying that we're all pretending not to see them? I did not get that memo.

  • thebestreddress

    Well I won't be back here. I haven't seen anything this bad in a while.

  • minki

    Some of the African American faces look more like sun burns like the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Madonna's pic to the right reminds me of Donatella Versace' after too much plastic surgery picture.

  • Azmarin

    can u try an dmake them look oriental

  • hm

    if you were smart enough you would just take this down

    obviously its causing a lot of controversy and you look like a jackass just leaving it up

    the only one with an actual positive response to this is YOU bro

  • hm

    if you were smart enough you would just take this down

    obviously its causing a lot of controversy and you look like a jackass just leaving it up

    the only one with an actual positive response to this is YOU bro

  • Kelli

    For you information.. 98% of black poeple DONT have big noses and big lips. Thats like saying all black people look alike.. Thats raciest. :)

  • Bruce Carter

    “… and were also transsexuals.”

  • Bb

    The photos are disturbing . Not becouse the enlargment of the nose and lips but simply becouse the black version of the photos is very ugly .
    Many people have large lips and not so small noses and look handsome .
    Is there a reason to enlarge the lips of Angelina Jolie ? Scarlett Johansson ?
    or the nose of Jennifer Lopez ? Kate Winslet ?

  • CBerry

    Uhmmm…..obviously your NOT from the United States and therefore don't understand, or have knowledge of the racial tension that still lurks in this country…..a stiff drink does sound nice though. But try not to forget that in every culture, somethings are offensive and others are not. Take a common hand gesture….etc
    As for the creator, I give you a D-, there is no “computer formula” that can generate results for a different race, run or hide from this you were still offensive. A little bit better quality could have made for some interesting pictures. Quick and easy programing is not always the key, especially with ACTUAL people.
    But keep trying….

  • Dorajames

    Im black. i have a big wide nose and big lips. But it fits me. I have a beautiful blonde girlfriend who loves the way i look. If you are going to make people black
    do a little better research at least to make them look natural. The images you portrayed were not to flattering. After all you did manage to make most of the
    people pretty gross looking.

  • Freetorhyme

    i'm biracial half black and half latina and so is my friend and we he no problems with this since we knew it was just for fun and goofing around. some people can be so picky. Still you might wanna put a warning or disclaimer saying you don't mean to be insulting in any way for those more sensitive types. lol. Though the title of the article states what it is, so if you don't like it, don't click on it. No one is twisting your arm! Sheesh! LOL

  • Nonsense

    I'm already brown…if I take the funguerilla's crappy suggestion and put my own picture through their wonder-machine, what will my picture do, explode?

  • Goof2092

    From an African perspective, I was hoping to see the software also deal with the hair and turn some people into real black people and trust me we have an entire array of noses and teeth to pick from. The software did not even pick some of my favourite whole face filling ones!! pity. In addition, for us Africans, the definition of black people is different from what Americans call black people. For example, mixed race offspring of ( black/white parents) are not called black because for practical reasons:- you cannot do that without alienating either their father or mother.
    I am almost certain you did not intend any harm but you needed to use wisdom and not blame the software for producing crapy results.

    I am assuming you must have fed the software 1 copy at a time to see what comes out. The moment you saw that the results had black people come out with blue eyes and straight long hair, a flag must have come up in your mind that there was something wrong. Trouble is, I am not sure what your expectation was so its a bit hard to criticise your skills at either artistic, social or wisdom level.
    If this is up your alley of work, you may enjoy Apples morphing features present in its photobooth application that ships with Mac OS X. You will be able to turn white people into chocolate covered aliens in no time AND as a bonus you can still say ask Apple.


  • Applestoashes


    I read through every single comment posted below. I understand that you could not control the software and that your photoshopping skills, are not the best lol. And without having to go through the “black people don’t look like this” thing. I’m not offended by this,
    1 because unless you are black, I don’t expect you to have a afrocentric view on black aesthetics,
    2because I get what you were trying to do and from your responses to people, it seems like you had nice intentions
    3 this wasn’t meant to be anything serious.

    *****But I want to ask a sincere question. And that is;
    When you and co-workers/staff/friends/etc finished with the software and photoshop and you looked at the end result prior to posting it.

    Did it occur to you(forget everyone else, past, present, or future) just YOU, that it looked off both artistically, raically, and aesthetically?

    As I said before, I am not offended, the concept to me is genuinely a nice one. the concept of wanting to see the people that are already idolized for beauty, enhanced by giving them black features is a brilliant concept.
    I am just sorry that the execution was not on point

    AshleyG-a 24 year old, black woman from so cal

  • Estephanie

    photoshop EPIC FAIL

  • Mbsmith89

    It seems as though you should use this opportunity to start a conversation about social issues such as race/diversity/stereotypes, but instead you seem to avert blame to a photo generator. I am not trying to insult you but I feel as an adult you should accept responsibility for your mistake. As long as you continue to include “but” in every response i.e. but it was the generators fault, but I did not mean to offend, etc. you will only give excuses. You didn't mean to BUT you did so face it.

    You posted the results you got from St. Andrew so the blame falls upon you. Perhaps making a whole new post in regards to this controversial post will better serve people of all backgrounds who find the portrayal of African-Americans on this page as offensive. Hope you decide to listen and not just hear.

  • Ausetkmt

    what is this supposed to illustrate except that the artist is absolutely
    blind. no way do any of these shots even look close to what anyone
    would look like if they were Africanized.

    Please Save Your Lies; because this is just WhiteSambo-ism from 2010.
    As a Lightskinned Blackwoman I am here to show you what Black People Look Like.
    What you have here is a picture of your own personal insecurities – Not Black anything.

    Learn How to USE Photoshop before you put crap like this out there as legitimate.
    I hope each of these celebs sues you until your pockets dry up.

  • Ausetkmt

    AMEN !

  • Mickey

    This is so badly done, and pretty stereotypical. Not all black people have giant lips. This is basically saying that if these attractive white people were born black, then they would look like semi-formed, hideous…things.

  • HAHA

    The comments are as funny as the pics! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Outstretchedarms

    This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. I agree that it is incredibly offensive and completely unneeded. This should be taken down it anything…

  • Giogio

    WTF so stupid to think that just changing lips and skin make you afro.Sometime i don’t understand how people can find this shit so interesting to make a post.Dear admin this time i can tell you “FAIL”, so back to the school and learn again how to write a post!!! ….and “chocolate topping” are you stupid or what, dude?and last thing …”the transformation” si so bad so please fire right now the dumbass who made this sh*t.sometine i like to say “Turn on your brain or shut the f**k up” learn itPs:i’m not afro i’m so fu**in white but i hate people who make in 2010 this shi*ty things! grow child grow!!!

  • Asdf

    This is some crappy photoshop, they all look like drag queens

  • Usernamealreadyexists2

    What does my asshole look like as a nigger?

  • Kissmyassrascists

    To be honest I thought this was going to something would find interesting even intriguing…. but no it was just plain offensive. Seriously who ever did these gave every single on of them they over the top features…. sad and pretty pathetic. And WTF was with the skin colors…. seriously? Amateur I suppose. as LLS said try to defend it all you want but wow… wont be visiting this page probably again sooooo FAIL.

  • Jon

    WTF? Not all African Americans have wide noses and thick lips. Stereotype much?

  • Desingleton

    Interesting Some they didn’t need to change much.

  • Desingleton

    whats wrong with a wide nose and think lips?

  • Nikki

    Angelina’s lips probably would stay the same size. A lot of the changes would not have been as extreme, especially since most African-Americans are multiracial and share many of these whiter features. There are a few where I could see what they MIGHT look like (Demi Moore seems like she’d look somewhat like Jada Pinkett), but for the most part it’s impossible to see through the bad photoshop and exaggerated “black features”.

  • Tonytouch566

    LMAO! XD ….my thought exactly!!!

  • Lithmyathar

    lol at your photoshop skills
    you must have seen a LOT of Afro-americans at your life if all about them is big nose and huge lips…
    and honestly..if i were you,i would find other hobby..cuz at photoshop you suck.A LOT.

  • Ashley

    wow this is on the boarder of racist O_o making all of them big lips and big noses. Wow I shouldn't of waste my time. Sorry to have seen this :(

  • armando

    I'm not one to crush dreams, but if you're going for a career as a graphic designer or anything that requires you use programs like photoshop I suggest you either take a course or just stop.

  • Mrx16

    I think this should have been titled “Terrible photoshop jobs that idiot programmers think would pass for an interesting list”

  • Andreboard


  • adhi

    wow … Nicole Kidman's face became very scary … haha

  • Jebas6

    I agree know one needs to compare who looks like who or who is prettier. There are beautiful black and white people. But to keep in the spirit of this little experiment, their are some black , white and Hispanic celebs that bear a striking resemblance to each other, especially at first glance. Example one Shakira and Beyonce, Angelina did not corner the market on that sexy lip, look up actress K.D. Aubert and I swear Megan Good and Megan Fox the same girl. Hey just a thought… we are from the human race.

  • Mika

    This was both offensive and poorly executed. One *might* be able to forgive someone one, but not both.

  • Mark

    WOW WTF… JK I read literally every single comment so i know what to say as to not repeat. I completely understand what you(or your group, I'm not sure if it's more than one person) was going for it was meant to be fun and a good laugh, but yeah the program does kind of suck(I actually read) so i know you didn't photoshop it in any way. I have been doing photoshop for 6 years now and know first hand that changing the skin tone of a person to look reasonable is a PAIN. I do however realize why some people may take it as being racial and to those people i say lighten up the man has stated many time HE DIDN'T mean to offend anyone. NOW to the people saying that they can see there is racial tension this isn't some hate posting it was for FUN. Also i agree you should do it in reverse make some africans look white that would make things even. But then you will still get s**t from white people.

  • Nokattaem

    I'm bi-racial and I don't really see it as racist, you people need to lighten the f*** up and stop seeing everything as racist. They probs didn't even mean to make the noses and lips bigger and they don't even look black, they just look like white ppl that got some s*** tans.

  • Rahnyc4

    these look like aboriginals than black

  • Risket

    My brother looks like the white version of Chris Tucker. He has the exact same mouth shape, smile and that same little “bridge” thing between the eyes when he frowns.

  • Ririi

    Um, I’m sorry, What You said about the editor liking chocolate was rubbish- a poor attempt to patronize the black community, I’ll ask you this, if they are just mixed with chocolate- How did that form broader jaws, bigger noses, thicker lips and manly necks for the women?– chocolate allergy? get real.

    Cate! “white people rolled in cocoa” I’m sorry That cracked me up.

    In fact, This whole thing cracked me up because – WE DON’T LOOK LIKE THAT ha-ha they all just look like they’re sun burnt and on steroids.

  • Jmn05

    why did they make them look like monkeys?? not all blacks have overstuffed lips and huge nose. Is that how you look at them??

  • Tasha

    Africans are some of the most physically diverse people on the planet of the earth, without any mixture. I got to laugh when somebody said that North Africans are the only ones with different features from the rest of black people. You must’ve not seen many East Africans. There is even a group of black people in South Africa that have features similar to Asians. These people have never mixed with any outside group in their long history. So you know not of what you speak of. The funny thing to me also many of the “white” celebrities probably have African ancestry. Did you know that 50 million of white Americans have at least one black ancestor. I’ve noticed that Brad Pitt has a wider nose and full lips. Jennifer Lopez has a naturally broad nose about the same size as mine as a black woman. Many Latinos definitely do have African ancestry or are black themselves. I bet you guessed that because of Jennifer’s butt. Angelina Jolie lips are about the same size as mine, but her’s are a little bigger. Black people are gorgeous with our broader noses and fuller lips because our bone structure and symmetry support us having different features. But clearly these pictures the features are extremely exaggerated. As long as white people know that it’s mostly white people that get plastic surgery like rhinoplasty, collagen injections, butt injections, breast implants and tan to look like light-skinned black people and Latinos. So whose to say that you all are all that happy with the way that you all look. Then, it’s all good. Yes, do some black celebrities like white people the exaggeration of extra keen noses, barely there lips and pasty skin will look no better.

  • Samara_Gosha

    Stop apologizing.. I am black and I thought it was interesting to see what white people would look like in color. Of course it was clearly a bit off but soo what. Everyone is so damn sensitive and soo quick to try to imply that someone is being racist. It could simply be that all the black people u have met do have big noses and big lips…. hell white people have big noses, mexicans, indians and every other race i can think of. Its actually small minded to think that only one race has its flaws when none of us are perfect. @Samara_Gosha

  • SMBH

    OMG I’m starting to have less faith in our black community and after the responses to my comment I realise y’all are just as bad as whoever made these pictures
    my previous comment – “I AM NOT OFFENDED BY THESE PICTURES BECAUSE WHE DONT LOOK LIKE THAT” hmm gee, didnt you for a second consider that that meant I AM BLACCCCCK

    I got some lady attacking me with the history of Africa because she ddnt know what I meant by my comment. My comment was a sarcastic reply to a comment that said black people should lighten up, that the editor already said he liked chocolate, and if you mix it with the celebs thats what you get.

    So Unless you read that comment you wont understand mine. Youre all just as bad BECAUSE YOU ASSASINATE WHAT YOU DONT UNDERSTAND- Eryka Badu.Window Seat.

    I am Nigerian born and raised (I’m 16) my lips are smaller than angelina’s natural lips.
    Tha fact is, I prefer Penelope Cruz this way, if he hadnt messed up her facial structure. Nothing is wrong with being Dark skined, nor having full lips. (sae fo angelina, if he hadnt destroyed her face- the bigger lips and nose work fine)

  • amber

    Who ever did this is very ignorant. just because the skin was changed to a darker tone does mean the noes and mout have to be stretched like that beyond belief.

  • anonymity

    obviously done by someone who isnt black..

  • AuroraMoon

    I agree. I'm white but I'm married to a black man. He and his family members are very good-looking… AND most of them don't have huge noses or huge lips. :P
    I'd be very surprised if our future children had big noses or lips. :p

    This article? just plain offensive…. and they don't even look black at all.

  • Sinisstar

    I actually thought they were pretty hilarious! People have to look at the lighter side of life! (No pun intended) I realized as soon as I saw these photos, that they were made just for fun. I am a black female and still I found it entertaining. I know not everyone looks like that, but software is software and like us humans, it's not perfect! ;)
    Have Fun!!! :)

  • Sinisstar

    I want to try it, too SoSoSo!! hehehe! :)

  • Electronegro_8

    As a black man with friends across the tonal barrier I find your pics highly insulting.
    I’m not sure If the blame falls on your software or your ignorance.

  • funguerilla

    You are quite right. It was done by automatic photo editing software. It can turn you into anything: fat, white, black asian

  • Agentgrlx

    you must take some of the blame because YOU posted the pictures. even after the majority of posters responded negatively, you still continue to act like new. if someone gave me a set of pictures of flat azzed; skinny, chapped lipped; ugly pointy nosed; beady eyed; stringy, greasy haired; pock marked, blotchy complected creatures and i posted them as the future face of whitey, best believe the reaction would not be good and the anger would be directed at me. at best you’re being insensitive (and your nonsense about not having anything against blacks is just that – NONsense); at worst you’re just being a racist jerk that knows exactly what you are doing.

    btw – you didn’t mention anything in the initial post about using st. andrew’s software to get these images. in fact you implied you created this ugly images yourself. take the deserved criticisms like a man and stop trying to deflect blame

  • Juh P

    they all look like men

  • loveyourselftruly

    wow seriously? why do they all look so fucking masculine? thats not even true about my people i don't look like a god damn man.

  • Dauntai Manning

    This site is very offensive so im gonna pray for whoever posted this because the bible does say that offenses will come but it also says woe unto them from whence they come from. God bless you whoever you are and try a new field of positivity.

  • YoMama

    Worst Photoshopping ever!

  • Be My Grandma?

    The grandma from Amsterdam is amazing.

  • BlackMan

    What are you saying about Black people?

    Why do they all have to have big lips. Not every Black person has big lips? Also, the photos make the stars look ugly which makes me think you are saying Black people are ugly.

    WE are BEAUTIFUL people.

  • guest

    there should be a reverse and where black celebs are made white

  • guest

    I'm black and i see where they were trying to go but in the end….eh…it just ended up being offensive…why do most of the female pics look like rupaul? lol

  • Wheatypaws

    I was wondering why all the Black PPl Have bIgger Noses And bigger lips like all black people have big noses and big lips….

  • Al92lt1

    Very bad. All they did was give everyone thick lips.

  • idiotic

    i can't believe yr doing a black face type story… this is idiotic and making people darker or orange is not at all representative of looking biracial or african american…shame on you!

  • Qiv

    gud idea liked it lot, i want to see black celebs in white also .
    But the nose and lips are bit overenlarging in most pics.
    try post black in white version pls. lol

  • Brazilian Mocha

    Umm, Mon from Oz, did you actually look at all of the photos? How could you expect people not to be offended? They are UGLY. I am not saying baby owl ugly, I am saying Gollum's butt ugly. It's like drawing a bunch of Gollum's butts and putting a sticky note on top, “Photos of the prettiest black people”.

    I mean, if they had been labeled “Aliens from the planet borgatron”, Earth right now would have been annihilated. Cause the Borgatron people have huge laser beams. And, ahem, their “sense of humor” is as good as all of us humans. THAT's how bad the photos are.

    Just sayin'. Maybe if the shoe was eating your foot, you would feel differently.

    Now, since we here don't have huge laser beams, all we can do is try not to have too many nightmares after looking at these doozies. So, ok, everyone calm down and go look at some photos of kittens.

    Cause after that, it will take me at least 15 minutes at Icanhazcheezburger to feel better.

    By the way — I ain't American, Mon from Oz. I am Brazilian. And we Brazilians have a great sense of humor, and we laugh at things that are funny. But this is not funny; it is tragic.

  • Trlkly

    I actually think that that may be part of the problem. It seems to not differentiate between male and female features. It does seem to not be able to find smaller lips, though. I suspect the program needs a broader number of models to do its work.

  • General404

    Why does the “black version” of Brad Pitt have to have over-sized teeth?

    Jim Caviezel would be hot “as a black man”

    The “black Madonna” almost looks like Serena Williams

    There is a black actress who I think already looks like Angelina Jolie:

  • Heidi

    Oh come on! That is ridiculous! No matter are you dark or pale or something in the between, you can be pretty or fugly. And actually, even I'm a nothern european, I prefer darker skin. It makes anyone look even better!

  • andreea

    this is just plain ugly :) ))

  • Newmoon97

    you have spelt weak wrong- therefore you are now stupid and racist

  • Movies97

    Just thought i would make that a little bit clearer-
    Oh and,
    just thought you should know- You SUCK!!!!

  • Actingangel97

    That is quite right =]
    since the first people on earth started off in africa- (this is true, google it if u dnt belive it) S technically the first peopel were black- abd people turne white cozz of the temperature up north
    this is all true google it

  • coward killer


  • Megan

    They look more like zombies than like black people

  • Pobbylovesyou

    the ones that didn't look overtan looked mutant. what the hell kind of article is this?? shoddy, shoddy work.

  • Boss

    these are terrible

  • funguerilla


  • Gajere Klever Nabit

    what kinda racists are u. damn insulting

  • AgentTripleZero

    Im not black or white and i find this racist and offensive, EVENTHOUGH its supposed to be “fun” or “comical”. I guess u dont know where to draw the line it seems. Somehow i get the feeling “they” are trying to spark up Racism again like it was in the 70's & 80's. Back then people used the “N” word all the time, especially in southern parts. We are all different in many ways, yet the same in ONE! I think this might be too deep for funguerilla…

  • yep

    both spelled and spelt are correct.
    look it up.

  • Richard-brodie

    [You guys really ought to let the other side comment as well. But maybe you don't have the distance vision to see that political correctness will ultimately be your nemesis.]

    With all the miscegenation that’s been going on in this country for the last 400
    years, many of the descendants of the pure original blacks look more Caucasian
    than Negroid. And the 800 pound “gorilla” in the room, that everyone is afraid
    to identify for fear of being called racist, is that those black celebrities
    that are considered beautiful are the ones who look the most European. White
    western culture’s aesthetic standards preclude being able to do the opposite of
    this, viz. make a person with the defining Negroid features appear uglier with a
    “vanilla topping”. That’s the problem for blacks with multiculturalism. If
    blacks had been sent back to Africa as Abraham Lincoln wanted to do, they could
    have developed their own standards by which they could regard their own kin as
    paragons of beauty, absent the presence of white gods and godesses against which
    to compare themselves.

  • C.J.

    You mean “then”.
    Furthermore, people are perfectly allowed to express how disgusted and/or insulted they are by your post. Stop going about insulting people who are entirely right. Perhaps it was not your goal to insult anyone but you obviously did not have much forethought about this whole situation. Honestly, “Celebrities with chocolate topping”? There is no way anyone who though twice would have posted this without at least anticipating flame wars and a lot of anger. Just admit that you made a mistake and stop trying to make people whoa re rightfully insulted feel like they are the ones at fault.

  • Taylor

    I’m not African. I’m AFRICAN AMERICAN, and I believe a majority of those commenting are not purely African. it is not that we feel bad about ourselves, it is simply that NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE LOOK LIKE THIS. MORE THAN 50% OF USE DO NOT HAVE BIG NOSES, BIG LIPS, AND WHAT NOT. judging by your comment, all you see when you look at these responses is what was posted. Do all Caucasians and whites have thin noses and lips, are blonde, and do their women have NO BUTT? I don’t think so.

    There are variety within the races. It’s called ethnicity.

  • freshbaked

    This was a very unfortunate experiment … while I understand why so many people find this offense, I just find it ridiculous. There are five major mistakes regarding this post:
    1. Not carefully considering how truly awful these pictures are before posting
    2. Posting these hideous pictures as “Celebrities with chocolate topping” – that in and of itself is a bit offensive
    3. Not recognizing the backlash these stupid photos would cause
    4. Not removing the post after people have so vocally demonstrated how they felt about it
    5. Choosing the wrong software to work with because truly it’s an interesting idea that could have possibly been executed well with a program like Photoshop

    That being said, I would like to offer this note to the programmers of the software you did use; scrap this version and take a real good look at a lot of people – black, white, latino, whatever because as programmers, you just suck … instead make the program more intuitive, make it so that it recognize inherent features before it just applies a blanket template of what you consider to a black person to look like.

    Finally, my opinions of the photos themselves:
    Angelina Jolie — why on God’s green (well used to be) earth would her lips need to be enlarged, she already has black lips, that’s what makes her sexy. It would be like making Mike Jagger’s lips bigger – nobody wants to see that
    Jennifer Aniston, Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz and Shakira — look like contestants for drag queen amateur night (although I do know a woman who looks like the Kate Moss picture, tho, I never thought she looked liked Kate Moss)
    Kate Winslet’s nose is just plain wide enough — It would be like making Mike Jagger’s lips bigger – nobody wants to see that
    Madonna’s ‘black’ head is as large as Kurt Russell’s – really?
    Jim Caviezel looks like his picture was taken in really, really bad lighting
    What’s up with the giant teeth on Brad Pitt, I don’t get it. Seriously, I don’t get it.
    Megan Fox and Kristen Stewart look like they are made to play Klingons in the next Star Trek movie
    Lady Gaga is so weird looking to start with, I’m not sure I can tell the differences
    Scarlett Johansson and Nicole Kidman – seriously???
    Penelope Cruz looks like Michael Jackson before he turned white (should I say lost his pigmentation)
    And, J Lo looks damn near black anyway — who decided to it was a good idea to include her … DUH

    As I said before, an experiment gone horribly awry. And, to the person who asked, how many black people have blue eyes … probably more than you think, including my daughter. I wonder if such an experiment could possible be done really well … may some Photoshop guru out there will show you there stuff instead of blasting you, Fun Guerilla … and remember, everything isn’t as funny as you think it is. Good luck with further experimentations.

  • Val Jones

    Sorry this is SSSSSOOOOOO long. My emotions kept on carrying me on.

    “Have you ever tried to imagine world without celebrities? Some of you maybe did but for most of us it’s something like a new ”Mission Impossible”, like imaging sky without clouds, without stars. Someone will probably say:”Hey, wait a second? I can imagine sky without clouds and stars!” Ok than, go back to the first question. Than I tried to find something else I can’t live without. Chocolate!!! I’m going very well without Jennifer Aniston or Brad Pitt, but without chocolate, for me, 2012 will came much earlier. Actually, both of them are going well one without another too. So, I tried to put these two things together and find out what am I going to get in exchange. Take a look at their Afro-American twins whose time is maybe just coming.”

    You say that this wasn’t meant to be a racist thing at all. But it says Afro-American in the description of the page. And then in your responses you say that you weren’t being racist in these and you defend the title of chocolate toppings but later reply with a post saying that you can make people black white and other races. Whether or not you are a racist, I will never know but what I do know is that anyone who wasn’t a racist and didn’t want to be catorgorized as one would quickly apologize for what they had done and revoke whatever action it was that caused the onset of offense to others. But the fact that you haven’t taken this posting down is ridiculous! It shows that you have no concern for the feelings of your visitors.

    I’m assuming that you just enjoy seeing so many people on your webpage responding to something; based on the way you complained that we don’t respond to your other posts. Which would only make you selfish if you are basking in the anger of other just to have a high count of how many people respond to things on your page.

    You may not be racist but you definitely are not a good person considering the fact that this page is still here.

    I am a 20yr old black woman who is hardly EVER offended by things. But this sent me from 0 to 60 before the pictures even finished loading. Out of respect for the minority community I would greatly appreciate if you did the right thing and removed this. I don’t want to see black people turned white because thats just as wrong as this one. It doesn’t “even the score”, it keeps different races mad at eachother. I imagine that half the black people who saw this thought in their own minds “white people get on my d@mn nerves” or “how ignorant can white folks be” And the number only increases as this remains posted and visible. And why would anyone want to errupt those emotions from people? All I want is for racism to slowly continue to fade away and this is not moving us in the right direction. I would like to see it all end. So why not be someone who does the right thing and moves in the right direction by deleting this post?

    Thank you for listening… Val Jones.

  • Sorcha Elizabeth Belton

    why are people getting on their high horse for if it was celebrities made look like Chinese people or Jewish people im sure nothing would of been said people would of laughed at it even but the minute people even think the word black its like there mini hitler

    equality means being able to slag off equally cause what makes one joke more acceptable than the other

  • FeeltheLuv

    Actually, the Kate Moss transition is very good! She reminds me of someone…

    I found this page through another site and found the concept interesting. But when I saw 'chocolate' in your title, I wondered if the intent behind your project was derogatory — ('chocolate drops' is an old term that was negatively used to refer to black people).

    AnyHOO, your comments clearly show that you meant no harm, and I hope future viewers can see that you truly meant this for fun. I'm disappointed only by 2 things:

    1. Except for Kate, the other images are either strange or creepy 0_o;
    2. We have to use Disqus & its 3rd party cookie requirement to comment. Disqus is awful!

    P.S. I once tried something similar to this in Photoshop for fun; my results were horrible. :(

  • Alesanaxgrl

    I'm also of a light complexion with a thin nose and even though i'm african american, i thought this article could be entertaining. I was wrong. All african american people do not have explosively huge lips and noses. No one in my family looks like that. It may be that my family doesn't look like that because we're of Irish and Cherokee descent as well but I've never come across a human being that resembles these photoshops. Also, they don't even look african american. They seem like some kind of alien-chimpanzee hybrid. I find it offensive. Every photo that I looked through, I noticed that you guys widened the noses and gave the lips 5x lip enlargement. Really disappointing…

  • Mew

    Still, whatever your intentions are, a little bit of personal scrutiny on your part would have served you well before posting these. Like Ashley, I'm not offended, but I agree with her when she implied that you could have noticed that these “transformation” can be insulting. It's like using some software filter that automatically make some “jew” emancipated and malnourished or a software filter where it appears to give Asians small slant eyes and buck teeth. Displaying its outcome would surely cause an uproar. Next time, think before you post if you don't want to be crucified.

  • Apalled

    I find this extremely offensive, especially since all this person did is tan their skin, make their nose bigger, and widen their lips. Who ever did this should be ashamed.

  • Jane Goodall

    Gorillas don’t even have big lips at all, they barely have lips. And gorillas are much more dark-black than most black people, and much more than those ridiculous photoshop disasters. They look more like that unfortunate woman who made way too many plastic surgeries, and actually ended up looking not much different of some of these. I don’t know her name, but she’s somewhat “famous” because of her looks… this would be more properly titled, “celebreties after going to the same plastic surgeon of “.

  • Ddunnigan

    That’s just retarded. You completely distorted the “blackness” of the celebs. Just look at pictures of Black celebrities they don’t have ginormous noses and lips. What you did were caricatures. Horrible

  • Joe Joe-joe

    The ones with men didn’t look so awfully ridiculous, it’s less likely that these will end up in white supremacist sites illustrating articles on the “perils of miscegenation”.

    If this is the product of a software, it’s a quite a sh*tty software. “Race machine” or the “face research” are quite decent. This one is a sad joke.

    A similar article would be more interesting if it were like comparing real “interracial look-alikes”, or the closest. Like Aisha Tyler and Charlize Theron, and William Fichtner and Billy Blanks.

  • eartgoer

    The author of the pictures definitely needs to imrove his Photoshop skills. I am very suprised that somebody actually posted it online.

  • TamStarr

    Hmm. I read most of the comments…. And, I think most of these women would be even more beautiful with a little color.. But the results of this project are hideous. They didn't come close to “chocolate”.. More like Jersey shore rejects. A self-done colorization of the faces in photoshop would have come out MUCH nicer than these silly mutated celebrities.
    Idk about you, but I'm a perfectionist… I would not have posted these yet.
    I would be interested in seeing a better rendition. Nice try……….

    Oh, and wouldn't Fox, and Stewart just look more exotic with some pigment!

  • Tony Brazil

    Very good photos , pure art ! I love it ! The other vision about reality is cool.

  • Sohobelle

    Can someone tell me what's wrong with big nose and lips?! Why are people getting so worked up over it?

  • guest

    Wtf, this must be the lamest and possible the worst “makeover” ever. The work put into this is just lousy.

    Redo, do right.

  • Teamadamteamcaptain

    Wow, that was terrible. Not offensive, just lame.

  • Petie

    I dislike this page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I mean which century is this??????!!!!!!!!!! I am white but i think black people are beautiful and they do not look like this. This article is ras**tic and insulting!Type your comment here.

  • Jürgen Haas

    I thought the idea of knowing how Angelina Jolie might look like if she was Afro-American might be quite funny, but either you did not try to make them look as beautiful as the real people or I missed the whole point of this.

    The edited pictures are ugly altogether, and in combination with the race-topic that does make this sort of gallery rather questionable.

  • Ausareth

    it's just “morphthing” ( mixed with very very bad photoshop skillz.

  • Redonkulous218

    There is nothing wrong with a wide nose and thick lips, but when you are taking beautiful white women and turning them into what looks like squashed over-tanned men in some the cases above it is offensive. Also, Brad Pitt’s teeth, what is the deal with that?? We’ve made him black therefore he must have buck teeth? Give me a break… I’m not here to have a go, but come on, use a bit of common sense and actually look at what you’re posting to the internet for the world to see. Thank you.

  • Laob

    AHHH black face nice to see that the more things change the more they stay the same!!!! Nice post still offensive as hell though

  • azarf

    Mon, I'm also from Australia. Please don't give all of us a bad name :(

    I found this article extremely offensive. I literally cringed as I scrolled down the page. Not all of us are as oblivious and ignorant as Mon.

  • Fake


    This is more like 'guido' celebrities.

  • Noone

    These belong in a photoshop fail blog. Most people would be able to do a better job with MS Paint.

  • CCS

    I saw this and I was incredibly offended. I'm happy others (black, white, hispanic, asian, etc–it seems as if alot of people clicked this link) felt the same way that I did.
    How incredibly offensive of you to post this garbage.

  • Vulcan27

    No, you idiot. 98% of black people do not have these features. Only someone who doesn't know anything about africans would say something like that. The only sort of Africans that your ignorant self has obviously seen are people mainly of West African ancestry, which makes up the bulk of African-American ancestry. These features are found among many West Africans, but even in West Africa, they are not 98% of the population. And numbskull, not only ARABS in north Africa have these freatures. INDIGINOUS black africans have narrow features as well…have you ever seen an Ethiopian? A Somalian? A Nubian from upper Egypt? A Hausa from West Africa? The Tutsi of Rawanda? All of the aforementioned are indigenous black africans with narrow noses/features coming from the same genetic clusters as “broad nosed” africans. But you're an ignorant moron who would no nothing about that, so what's the point in talking to you?

  • Miabrown71

    Kristen stewart looks like a monkey.And thats BEFORE you edited.jk.This is kinda of funny though.Xspecailly mean fox's.dont think im bein racist im black.i look NOTHING like that.

  • OptimusPrime

    TERRIBLE photoshop/tinting, Srsly. If you're going to do something like this, make them attractive. Or TRY. Not entertaining at all.

  • LoL

    The women looked like transvestites..

  • Horus

    What a load of rubbish, there are more imaginative and productive ways to fight and promote your cause, this is definetly not it. You only end up offending the people who are likely to support you.

  • pala

    somebody just fu*ked it .. they look like still white ppl but dirty of something darker. complately different than black ppl. Many black ppl are beautiful and these celebs ics pics look like a big joke.

  • Reality Check

    I agree! The artist here was TERRIBLE. Their stereotyping of the large lips, heavy brow, heavy squared jaw and full nostrils is bull! Check out Lena Horn's features! Plus if you want to stereotype then Angelina was a good choice but they made her lips even larger. I am an artist and often use Africans as models. I happen to think the African features are gorgeous and more chiseled then most races. Who was this clod who did the photoshop massacre on these people?

  • Thekidsintheriot

    So essentially, if all the great looking white celebrities happened to be black, they would be hideous ape like contorted representations of a sub-human species?

    What a great message to send out to the highly impressionable masses that frequent the internet.

    I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that this is probably one of the most offensive things I have ever seen, and that only the highly ignorant would find this in the slightest bit funny.

  • Him

    I am also biracial and couldn't help but cringe each picture I saw. It would be interesting to see each artist with darker skin, but to actually say “This is what it is is to be black; huge noses and lips,” is extremly offensive. While I'm sure that wasn't the intent, that's the message. Furthermore it goes to say that if these guys were black, they'd be very ugly because let's face it, none of the pictures paint a picture of an appealing person.

  • Mella

    Very Offensive it just does not represent black beauty! They look like men in drag. How do you sleep?

  • Gisselle Felix

    I have been on here for HOURS!!!! Found everything interesting and entertaining. Had not one bad remark about this site, till this. I feel that this is beyond stereo-type, down right insulting. This pictures were not made to look “black”, you have completely disfigured them. I find them of bad taste. Shows lack of judgment by the author and inconsideration to the respect to others. One tries to be open at times even with “funny” stuff of bad taste. But this was just stupid.

  • Nph

    This is just wrong. I'm not even black, and I can see how offensive this is. I agree with one of the other commentators, it just looks like they used too much tanner. The only one that got the skin tone halfway decent is the Angelina Jolie one, and that one, like the rest, was ruined by the facial stereotypes that were applied. I was interested in this article because I though it would be a detailed, professional bit of photo work. But guess what? This whole thing is a shoddy collection of orange tinted photos. Not only is this an insult to black men and women, it's an insult to those of us who clicked on the link. I will be VERY surprised if another person hit the like button.

  • Kitten123

    you are horrible at photoshop and those are not realistic. no offense….actually….i take that back.

  • Magnumpi9

    Painting somebody brown and enlarging their lips and nose does not make them look black.

  • Turborain99

    WTF IS THIS RACIST SH*T!??? So all black women apparently look like Transs*xuals to you? Every picture up there looks like a damn MALE Guerrilla. You are an as**ole. I'm black and I dont have a wide nose OR big lips. Neither does about 80% of my family.

  • Odracir1

    they look more like cromags not black people.. obviously the artitst here has a skewed racially narrow mindset of what it means to “look black” If he or she were more educated they would at least know that they are hundreds if thousand s of diffrent color skin hair lip eye nose combinations that are common to American Black people, not to mention, indengionous africans from the continent

  • Miki

    These photoshops really are horrible, but meant to be offensive? I doubt it. Probably just a n00b. It is well-known that people of African descent have fuller lips and wider noses than most people of European descent. I'm no geneticist, but I can point it out around me on a daily basis, so stop being so uptight and P.C. and get your heads out of your as**s for once in your lives. These pictures are pretty funny mostly because they're so awfully done. Oh, and Cameron Diaz's nose looks odd BEFORE the piss-poor photoshop. Just sayin'…

  • Tashandam

    This isn't offensive to me because the faces are photoshopped. If they were really darker the face would be more in depth and it would match. It's beauty black people who do favor some celebs who doesn't have to go get their nose, lips, butt, or breast done. Putting this on here is low key trying to down the black community. When is the world going to stop? get out the stubborn ways and learn to accept people as human beings and not because of their skin tone. no races or skintone is any better than the other. we all bleed the same and can die from the same things. God doesn't choose who go to heaven by skintone.

  • chicago medical billing

    wonderful list of blogs very interesting….thanks for share this.

  • Msalicia Darcell

    This was very insultanting to Black Women! Not all black women have big full lips and noses. The photo shoping was Terrible!! Tyra banks does not have big lips! Why did all the black women have thick eyebrows?? What the hell! it was just Wrong! Very poorly done! Just Wrong!

  • Just a kid from Philly

    So at first I was actually laughing at the pictures because the celebs looked ridiculous but then I realized the modifications: the lips and nose in particular. And the shocking thing is I actually had to look at myself in the mirror to see if I resemble any of these chocolate topping celebs and surprisingly i don't. (see stereotypes aren't true! Cause I'm black and I can't stand watermelon, get bored of basketball in 2 secs and can't run for dear life…but I do like some fried chicken here or there but I'd take seafood any day over a land animal)

    I'm not going to argue with you (you already got enough of that) or berate you as being racist. Because if you were truly racist you would've made blunt racist pictures…like one of the “black” celebs being hanged or something. Anyway, I hope that in the future that you can use extremely better software. For example, find out what software CNN used when they changed John McCain's skin dark and Barack Obama's much lighter. That was VERY COOL!

    As a special note there's no need to stretch the face of the celebs. They're only supposed to have chocolate toppings (very light to very dark skin color) not horrible plastic surgery! So make it extremely better next time! Ciao!

  • Jwalker

    I”m not biracial but this is bull. Dark people can't have slim noses but they can have have blond hair….This is not cool. besides Angelina Jolie already has big lips no need to make them bigger.

  • smh n curious

    so can we see the other versions (fat/caucasian/asian) or do u think they would be too controversial? =.= dd u learn from this mistake?!

    *btw dnt bothr comentn on my speling, ths is th internet, 21st century n i'm guna ryt in txt slang if i feel lyk it =P*

  • chewie (baca)

    did u kno that 75% of statistics are made up on the spot….did u kno that urs was one of them =P

  • Ashnw1

    oookk…. wont be coming back to this site, this is so racist its ridiculous, im black and my husband is white and even he was just speechless, this is my first time on this site and it will be my last, TMZ here i come!

  • Adriana

    of course the real natural celebs look a thousand time better than the fakes,&honestly its not very nice to change their looks into blacks couse thats make them to an completley differnt type sorry its not fair to the black populatino to make a hugh nose a big lipps i mean scarlett johansson and angeliana have already full lips but theese 2 versions you put in jjust lookin fake &not even similar to the original!!!!

  • Adriana-m85

    you are right ,but i think he was talking about the stereotype ,not all blacks have big lips not all white have small noses ,but the origin africans ,well the most of them have the same features ,if you say you are lighter than j.lo couse she is white skin ,&you haven’t the typically black features it seem that in the past one of your family members of your parents side had be mixed with an other race (white)

  • Adriana-m85

    honey how you said you are biracial so it means you are mixed &that you have the mix of theese both races,so of course you mustn’t have the typical sterotype feauters!!!

  • Adriana-m85

    lol the dark madonna looks like lil kim on this pic!

  • Adriana-m85

    are you kidding,that not cameron anymore that some homo mixced version!!!

  • Adriana-m85

    sorry what .sorry but no changed skin or feautres could make angelina or megan fox look better than they natural look like!!!!maybe you are blind but theese 2 ladies look so good ,couse everyting fits together included their white skin color ,everything else look fake &not sexy at all!!!

  • Adriana

    why did you say that,1st you all talking that there is no stero blacktype&now you say that she has the featurs like a black one sorry but thats so untrue which features you mean i cannot see one,couse how you know they are different types of blacks so that was very ignorant!

  • Anonymous

    Would have been funny if it weren’t reinforcing negative beliefs that the European standard of beauty is supreme and Black is the ugliest (Google the studies).Seriously I challenge someone with photoshop skills to redo all photos WITHOUT taking away the beauty of the original and post it everywhere on the net. If I had the skills I’d do it myself.

  • C K Boom

    Dear lord. You’ve done this baaaaaaaaadly! All you did was widen the nose and expand the lips. I thought it’d be an interesting article, but you are amateur!

  • Guest

    Most if not all just look like fake-tanned-botched-plastic-surgery-jersey-shore-rejects.

  • Detyree

    OMG! This has got to be the most offensive post I’ve ever seen!! I’m not biracial and I have fair skin w/ freckles, a slender nose and lips of a moderate size. I’m African-American and proud of it. I want to know: what rock have you been under? Not all blacks have broad noses, huge lips and dark (or should i say bad tan) complexions. Black people come in at least 36 different shades. Some black celebs are posing as whites and you’d never know. One such celebrity was Carol Channing, she recently came out and admitted that she is partially African-American and has passed herself off as caucasian for more than 60 years. So go read a book or something and educate yourself because you are a clueless bigoted fool!

  • Ej Hawkins

    i entirely agree this had to be aproved by someone. im black and i dont look like that!!!

  • Jaz

    i TOtally agree w/ general comments, these manipulations are hidiously offensive. I feel like i'm visiting a page made to expose the huge racist mishaps of the past, simply posted for ridicule.

    All said, it would be pretty funny to take some beautiful black celebrities and make them white. It would be just as unnatural, someone should do it :)

  • jaz

    im white, but i'd be naturally offended at anything posted with these results. i guess its a joke, but an unnecessary one

  • me

    I haven't read any of the other comments but I've just got to wonder if this was meant to be a joke….surely no one believes these are even remotely accurate…..

  • laverna

    i really don't like the pictures you did of white dipped in chocloate. You made all the ladies with a bigger nose and also bigger lips.I find this very offensive….

  • Bright Eyesss

    Sooo… Every black person looks like a drag queen? This is stupid.

  • sue

    @ Jenny……. 'thank you' these other look alike do not look like us black women, my god we are ugly but not that weird looking. That's an insult to me as a black woman really!!!!!!

  • Melissa

    This is so rude ! It is soo incorrect and offensive. !

  • Luckybitch

    These are horrible shops and the person who did these should be shot!

  • Dusola

    Whoever did this has NO talent

  • niko4ever

    I've never seen black people that look like that

  • Michael

    This must be the worst piece of Photoshop work I've ever seen! I'm a ordinary white guy but this is the worst piece of sh*t I have seen in a long time.
    Stereotypic work of an undereducated hillbilly with prejudices and a bad sense of humor.
    The idea is fun, though. Could be fun to make an asian version, a russian, a mongolian, an inuit and a peruvian version… But please let it be by a person that actually can work in photoshop and doesn't exaggerate.

  • Aahliya43

    wow this is very offensive . not cool at all.

  • Danielledewitt

    this would be interesting if the pictures were done by someone who had knowledge of photoshop..just wow…

  • Jessi

    I read this because I thought it would be interesting.

    I know the person who posted this obviously didn't intend for it to be offensive, and is going on about people saying the same thing, time and time again. But did you ever consider WHY so many people are saying the exact same thing? It's not that they're mindlessly copying what the first person has said; each person is genuinely offended. Maybe they have a point, and the point is not that you INTENDED for it to be offensive (we all know you didn't), it's that they DO find it offensive, and that you should have been more critical over the final product prior to it being posted. Just because you have had these images edited by the 'Face of the Future' thing by the University of St. Andrews, doesn't mean you have to post them.

    What IS an 'insulting out' filter…? Why not just use a HUMAN filter? It's not that hard.

    Keep in mind that when you post things on a public page for everyone to see, your opinion doesn't really matter – it's the reader's opinion that matters, and I think you should take their opinion more into account and apologise, rather than nearly obsessively continuing to defend yourself. Man up; you made an honest mistake, you pissed a lot of people off, now just say sorry to those you have clearly offended.

    I don't find it offensive. I'm don't have recent African ancestry (note that not every black person is African-American). However, I do understand how and why so many other people DO find it offensive and I believe I am probably in the minority on this one.

    Generally, most things race-related are going to have a lot of negative responses, and really, you should probably stick to things related to your own race.

    I was going to give a Family Guy/Simpsons/modern-animated-sit-com example, but making fun of their own people is a running gag throughout each episode, even as they comment on other racial and social stereotypes. Yes, they still offend lots of people, but one can watch it and know they're making just as much an observation of their own culture as everyone else's.

    I know you say your Photoshopping skills aren't so hot, but honestly, you probably would have done a better job if you HAD Photoshopped each photo yourself.

    On another note… who owns the copyright to each of the original images? It can't POSSIBLY be you…

  • dtwin31

    yall kow that is not how they would look if they were black……because thats over done and ugly, they actually would look more exotic

  • Lashawna Owens

    they don't look african american they just look tan uglier

  • Sellbydate1989

    Your first statement not only contradicts this very article, but is also an extremely feeble attempt at getting back on people’s good sides. At least defend yourself with honor. I think we can all just skip out on the whole “we’re all special” talk, too.

  • Bad Habit Studios

    And not one of them was an improvement but I blame that mostly on the artist.

  • Bobbie

    I guess I just don’t understand why making them black meant making them horribly unattractive with bad skin. Most dark skinned people have pristine skin, I should know i’m dark skinned…

  • Plum

    I am not the least bit offended by this. There is nothing shameful about being Black, so why get uptight and all? I know of someone attempting to transition their race by using full-body tattoo work and they want surgery to give them thicker lips, a fatter face, and a flatter, wider nose. And if that is what someone wants, they should be able to get that.

    Now yes, I wish the Photoshop work had been better, and I see no reason why a cleft was added the J-Lo's chin. But I don't see this as mocking people of color as much as paying homage to them. So please, lets keep all the bashing and rude comments in check.

  • John

    This has to be the most hilariously *wrong* thing I've seen in a while, but at the same time not that funny at all. It's crude and ignorant of an incredibly varied group of billions of people. It's pretty much implying that if you're a black woman you look like a man/Neanderthal in drag, even though if you look at the majority of black female celebrities they do not look *anything* like these monstrosities.

    If somebody was to do the same to white people the resulting images would have blotchy freckled pink skin, non existent lips and a long bony nose with a high masculine bridge. That wouldn't be just as disgusting as this, because it's a extreme representation of generalised features that many, many white people don't have. White folk vary just like blacks do. Perhaps the maker isn't racially hateful, but if not s/he sure is dumb…

    Aside from that, Adriana Lima is already of substantial African ancestry, coming from Salvador in Brazil. She's mixed. So maybe you should top her with vanilla you bloody idiot.

  • mr. big

    I liked it! reminds me of floyd mayweather with long hair…. peace!

  • Sherese

    you are a socially underdeveloped moron

  • Cotoneaster Jay

    These are appalling.

  • dopesmokinhippie

    Whoever did these didn't do a great job on most.
    Why do several of the women start to look like men in drag after the conversion?
    Some of the skin tones are blotchy and uneven. Shakira, for one, looks like some kind of hentai drawing.
    If you're going to do this, get an artist, one who has experience with Photoshop or whatever application you're using.

  • Radarini

    wow…if you are going to post something like this, at least show photoshop skills to be proud of.

  • Babygirldtw

    It’s mad late and I couldn’t sleep so I thought I would just surf and look up funny pictures…I came to this page after looking up pictures of cats doing crazy things and I must say these pictures are horrible! I understand that you used a program from St. Andrews lab or something like that but since SOOOOOO many people have found these picture to be ugly, insulting and racist (Did Scarlet’s lips REALLY need to be bigger? Does everyone need a wider nose and wider jaw?) why don’t you take this idea (which I think is an interesting one) and ACTUALLY Photoshop it? Get the pigmentation right, get facial proportions right and put up new pictures of beautiful white women being made into beautiful black women? If America’s Next Top Model can change people’s races yet have them retain their unique beauty I think you guys can pull of SOMETHING better than the butterface’s you have on this site…don’t think I’m gonna be coming back to this site for a LONG time.

  • Reelgriot1

    Ditto to LLS. The author of this shortsighted attempt at negro cloning needs to take a deeper look inside at what this attempt really says about what deep-seeded stereotypes and warped perceptions conceived this. No doubt the same ones that conceived the title,”Fun Guerilla”.

  • Nick

    I think these pictures are gross charicatures and I too find them offensive. The ‘artist’ shows a distinct lack of talent, skill and imagination and the editor of this site should have exercised some intelligence and not posted them in the first place. Take them off ??? It can be fun to see how we might look if we were a different racial mix but I’d feel ashamed if I’d created these pics because they’re so shit. Fair enough?

  • Coltrane1025

    No…she’s white. She was born in South Africa, but still white. That’s like saying I’m Native American (American Indian) because I was born in the United States.

  • Tadd

    Apart from being racist to the bone, the women are absolutely ugly, but what is it about the men??? I won't be able to look at George Clooney and Ben Affleck again without feeling sick – they should sue you because you probably half-destroyed their fan base lol

  • Ericmoreland

    first off let me say this I think it's pretty cool to see that someone thought of this cause I was thinking the same thing like Robert Downey Jr in Tropic Thunder. But the artwork is horrible! Who ever did this needs to learn how to use photoshop. This made every celebrity I ever dream of sleeping with a complete turn off. The lighting was very bad on the photos and the skin tone was way off on some celebrities. And I have no idea why the person would alter their lips and chick bones. Should have just left it like it was. Now they look very ugly. Somebody needs to really learn so art skills cause im amateur and I think that I could have done a whole lot better when it comes to photoshop.

  • Vicious Delicious

    These pics are dumb. And really, you didn't have to make Angelina's or Scarlett's lips any bigger. Also, Adriana Lima is already of African descent, or as you put it (chocolate coating).

  • Kaplan_lee1313

    this is just racially insensitive to the max.

  • Elizabeth J. Melton

    These photos were all just put into a manipulator online. I've seen the site. You can change your face into other things too. It's not very well done either. I really don't understand why people get offended by this kind of stuff. Nothing is being said about character or who humans are. Races don't exist. It's all just biological variations.

  • Araboy

    why are people complaining? its just right. all blacks have broad nose and thick lips than other races, I have yet to find a black that don’t have those features. Even Oprah a very rich respected black woman has those. Name a PURE black that doesn’t have those… Those black that don’t have broad nose and thick lips are half blacks or multi-race. It’s a natural feature of black race as being athletic is their natural feature too. If you are black and you don’t have broad nose and thick lips you are either a mixed races or not black, but an arab, mexican, brazilian, etc. btw i’m arab.

  • Brotha

    This is the worst thing I have ever seen.

  • catia

    Wow. This is probably one of the WORST photo editing jobs I have ever seen. It doesn’t even matter that it’s just a joke, for fun, or plays into the stereotypes… All the pictures just look like crap. The only joke that I saw in this whole thing was the fact you attempted to edit photos, then proudly displayed them on the internet. Why not actually learn how to edit for real, then make something worth looking at instead of something that will just get you ridiculed.

  • Rafikial

    they just change their nose and lips. I have seen many black people who don’t have exactly big lips. well I didn’t really like it.

  • TRUEMicah

    The photoshop guy needs to get fired.

  • Luxton1

    Hideous looking neanderthals those afro equivalents

  • Nagwind

    Fairly Good job. Entertaining ~ Funny indeed. :-) [Clearly not photoshopped.]

    About 98% of Black South Africans have indeed big nones, fat lips, nearly no nose bridge and 100% of them have black pepper seed type of hair. (And yes, albinos included – yellowish pepper seed type of hair then.). So what if they have?! It’s 100% in accordance with nature!

    Please google “Xhoza” or “Zulu” etc. pictures before you try to attack my statements please. I live in South Africa.

    Why are so many black or mixed-race people offended? Clearly immature, jealous, egoistic or insecure.

    Please people, live and let live.

  • spookiewon

    So the takeaway here is that all black people have huge lips and noses, splotchy completions and are ugly? Seems to be obviously false. Lena Horne, Nichelle Nichols, Halle Berry and Whitney Houston come to mind…

  • ShamanOfHedon

    This is…. I have no words for this crap.

  • Ozwizard111

    What a moronic concept.

  • Looch

    Really poor Photoshop skills. Simply managed to uglify beautiful women, which is not what happens when when you mix races.

  • maria

    I must say… this is pretty bad. I really like the concept. Its kind of a cool idea, but the execution is terrible. The complexions look so bad and everyone just like of looks like a bodybuilder (with fake tan) in drag.

    By the do realize that Adrianna Lima is already half black.. lol. In fact, her features already look pretty black. You can’t just make her lips and nose slightly bigger and darken her skin..

    Either way, I’m not offended by this at all. I don’t think its racist. Its just not done well.

  • Clenn_art


  • Blunt Robbins

    come on down to the hood & see a black person Probably don't have 1 black person on facebook if that many by your photo shop skills (maybe done on P.C.) Fail.

  • Coffeecrimson

    It’s obvious you know nothing about black people. If you did, you’d know you didn’t have to mess with Jolie’s or Diaz’s lips. And black people do come in all shades not just dark, muddy looking shades. Stick to what you know.

  • Torre Sims

    this on paper sounded like a nice idea, until the artist made them into racist caricatures, by overly exaggerating the wide nose and full lips.

  • Nicole

    People are just going to give their most honest opinions and reviews for what you posted nomatter what it might’ve been. You should try to understand, take responsibility, and stop blaming people for their honesty. With that said, I can understand why people of all ethnicity’s upon seeing this would be offended, I mean come on you have some of the most beautiful white women on here (which I thought some would’ve also looked beautiful had they been born black as well) and made them look like ugly black transs*xuals. I have a really good sense of humor but this was really weak, cause you did’nt make it out to seem like it was meant to be funny. Your best bet would just be to take this post off so not to be misinterpreted or offend anyone else. Peace.

  • Neleh7

    Why did you turn them all into men as well as turning them black? They don’t look like black women, they look more like bodybuilding women covered in that weird tan oil stuff, and pumped full of steroids.

  • Dacesacesmac

    omg all you insulted people out there get a hobby, or a job… as you obviously have 2 much time to find stuff to complain about here – these pics were done by a free online software, you can even turn yourself into a drawing or monkey, so now monkeys and cartoon characters should post on here and get all offended too? cmon seriously…

  • Jnaumowicz1213

    @ Horus

    Seriously, the internet needs a sarcasm font.

  • Marky O Reilly

    Your Shop-fu is weak and I'm unconvinced you've ever even seen a black person.

  • Xevious

    whats with the man chins??

  • Hoopwizz

    Pathetic, your photoshop skills are terrible. You just distorted the faces and made it look like they have ugly spray tans. Fail.

  • Charlyann

    Is this a joke? They all look like they have the mumps or have gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson! So, so bad!

  • Ivana Jiménez

    Those are AWFUL photoshop skills. FAIL. Just look at j-lo, scarlett johanson and cameron diaz. their lips. wtf.

  • Neatgifts

    I wonder why you never see other races doing things like this. What is with white people? What is with the ones that don’t like how racist they are made to be as a people? It is carried on by your children. Teach them different and they will be different. Lets stop the people hating.

  • Sharif Alkatib

    I find this page highly offensive. Not a single “after” picture was made to look attractive by any stretch of the imagination. I nominate this page for take-down!

  • Rhubarbia

    While searching the Internet for ways to procrastinate, I came across this article.
    Let me say, it is the worst thing I have ever seen on the Internet, and trust me, I’ve seen plenty.
    Please never show your face on the Internet again.

  • Switch

    This piece should be renamed “What Would White Celebrities Look Like If They Were Men.” FAIL!

  • Steve N

    This is just sorry-ass photoshop wannabe crap. Nothing personal, of course, but you are truly talentless.

  • DMFD

    Who is, “all of you.” I think you can safely say that no one outside of funguerilla thought this was acceptable to post. Furthermore it is fairly safe to assume that funguerilla didn't graduate gradeschool based on his inability to write coherently.

  • Twhy

    I also find this a bit offensive, they just made the noses wider and the lips bigger and coloured in their faces (badly might I add). This probably shouldn't be up!

  • cookie


  • cookie

    exactly. dam this nig f unguerilla is dumb and racist. wudnt b surprised if he waz a guerilla too.

  • cookie

    ok am blak and found this kinda funny cos normally dnt like to argue with any1 bt this is bullshit. there are diff shades of black and the colour u got here is mostly orange or like latte. not all black ppl hav that skin tone and lady gaga and scarlett johansoon are the only half decent ppl bt still doesnt congratulate what u did. ur the laziest photoshopper av ever seen (ur either really shit at it or ur lazy bt with u i rekon u cudnt b bothered) u clearly approved of this funguerilla cos u found this funny so stop trying to explain urself out of it cos no matter what u say ive already put yourself in that “racist” corner and wud take a lot to get urself back out. also y does j-lo have a double chin??? av u ever even seen any hot black women in ur life or av u had one rejection too many from them and this is a sort of revenge or something? these are not women these are extremely manly looking creatures who took too many steroids and spent too much time on a tanning bed. id love to kno how u look like cos u clealry have no perception of what other races look like particularly the black race. look at naomi campbell, beyonce, mary j blige, megan good, tisha campbell, jada pinkett smith, kerry washington, halle berry, vivica fox, rihanna, paula patton, alex wek, jessica white, gabrielle union. blak women r always put down not just on stupid forums like these bt in real life. blak models r rarely recognized. its always adriana lima or heidi klum. how often do u hear of alek wek or jessica white?? the “black models” are always famous for baring their ghetto bootys in hip hop videos. thats nt right. we av to stomp suckers like these. i bet ur one of those fat ugly white trash who hate themselves bt even if ur not white, male or female ur stil sad cos if kerry wahsington, beyonce or rihanna or even alex wek came to ur door dressed in nothin but a thong u wud either wet ur drawers or get a huge boner or just shit ur pants. nuff sed. so grow up will u.

  • Willowvirtuoso

    im sorry this is stupid these people would not look like that if they were black.
    these pictures have the girls with fat noses or skin discolouring im sorry but not all black people have that.
    this is just downright stereotypical and to me this is offensive.
    Go out and meat some black people, maybe you'll be suprised…..

  • Angel Love

    I'm offended by the thought of this post and by the actual result. And also this racist pig doesn't even have any photoshop skills what so ever!

  • Keenabrown71

    they need to take these pictures down im black and i dont have big lips or a wide nose just what makes you think that all black people are dark and big lipped black people have so many different skin tones you could compare them to a rainbow and please please get some photoshop skills because these are just bogus



  • Robeyltd

    I'm sure you're not saying there is something WRONG with having big noses and/or lips. Or that if you do have children with those features that they would be ugly. I agree that the transformations are offensive, but not because there is something wrong with big noses, rather the creators of these racial renditions are showing their inherent racism.

  • Stefanie Ritual

    thank you these are awful…

    a black version does NOT mean butched up, dirty & uglified – these are awful!


  • Stefanie Ritual

    total agreement & your reply?


  • sandra zevor

    this is just hateful

  • Jay in Donny

    this is simply offensive. its not even artistically good. nuff said.

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  • John Clark

    I don't give a crap if you are racist, bigoted, cro-magnon, or any other label the masses like to sling about.  The only thing that bothers me is admitting it.  I get so tired of people that pretend to be “p.c.”.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Never apologize for it.  It only makes you appear weak.  If you're proud to be black then say so.  If you're proud to be white then say so.  There really is nothing wrong with being proud of your heritage.

    I would absolutely love it to see one of these people stand up and say “yeah, I did it and I'm not apologizing for it now f*** off!”  Regardless of whether it was DUI, infidelity, racism, or whatever.  The old mantra of “I'm sorry and I am seeking counseling.”, is an utter fail and always has been.  If you do it, or say it, then stand by it.  Regardless of what people, that don't pay your bills, think about it. 

    If this bothers anyone then I truly don't care now f*** off.  ;-()

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  • Dennis S.

    I can see how it would be offensive but here is one thing I don't understand. its the fucking internet, if you find it offensive dont look at it… IDK how I even got to this site LMAO

  • v-pills

    Not all black people have big lips and wide noses. You made
    these celebrities look more like gorillas than anything else.

  • halsotips

    lol, at least it funny picture :D

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  • Octavia

    am pure blood African and i find his very offensive, this article and should be taken off the internet. ur photo shopping skill sucks!

  • hopy

    Thanks for sharing this interview with us and really great post.

  • Ashley Taylor

    My lips DO NOT take up 90% of my face!

  • J. Marie

    “Not all”? Maybe… but MOST DO.

  • J. Marie

    Those are black features. That’s why. Blacks all have more testosterone, even the women.

  • Alan Martin

    nothing about you is “white”…you are the lowest kind of social and cultural dogshit any female can be

  • AuroraMoon

    My ancestry DNA tests says differently, I’m the whitest girl ever on Earth. English and German bloodlines. But go on about how I’m the lowest ever for dating and sleeping with a black man… ;)
    Nothing gets me so hot like a triggered racist ranting about how horrible I am for doing that despite my pure German and Aryan bloodline. Come on baby, sweet-talk me! Tell me how much of a race traitor I am… mm-mm, so hot.

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